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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer joins Vehicles of Time achievers’ list

Wood-Mizer joins Vehicles of Time achievers’ list On 16th OctoberWood-Mizer received an award for reaching No 292 in theVehicles of Time* ranking of over 3,000 companies in Poland, at the Dzialynskis’ Palace, in Poznan. The ranking is adjudged jointly by the Polish newspaper GAZETA PRAWNA and international credit ratings group, Dun & Bradstreet, and supported by Dutch-based international bank, ING.

The aim of the rankings is to recognize and reward firms with financial probity and security as well as exemplary sales dynamism. Operations turning over from 10 to 300 million zloty, in other words from those almost on the verge of bankruptcy up those at almost no risk at all, are eligible.

Richard Vivers, who heads Wood-Mizer’s Kolo-based European operations, explains:
"The accession of Wood-Mizer to Poland’s elite companies list reaffirms our strength in our market as well as our innovative character and product quality – producing machines which are faithfully developed to Customers needs.

"Our continuing theme has been to assist our customers to generate value from their endeavours and help them succeed. "Our approach, including cooperation with partner companies, quality standards and a convivial atmosphere in good working conditions have formed the background of our worldwide success.

"I’m glad that the judges noted this approach", he concludes.

The judges recognize that a strong economy isn’t only sustained by large companies. Multi-national corporations can trail smaller firms whose dynamism keeps them in the market place. However, the judges found for not only the most dynamic but also for those with the most credibility. They are Vehicles of Time, meeting the socio-economic times in which we now live.

Indeed, Krzysztof Bien, deputy editor of GAZETA PRAWNA comments:
"Primarily, the Vehicle of Times rankings reflect credibility and sales dynamics. The Polish economy is currently in good shape thanks to our small and medium-sized companies and that is confirmed by our findings. It justifies our determination from the outset not to include companies with turnovers exceeding 300 million zloty and not reaching the minimum 10 million. Anything above our maximum would enjoy too many market ‘privileges’ and anything below the minimum would be too small and their commercial histories too short to estimate their credibility and regard them as reliable business partners."

* Translated from the Polish: Wehikuly czasu

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