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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer has revealed its smallest band sawmill LT10

Wood-Mizer has revealed its smallest band sawmill LT10 Called the Wood-Mizer LT10 sawmill, it is priced 20% lower than the hitherto smallest by using a 5.5 kW electrically-powered motor.Within the price the LT10 band sawmill is able to incorporate the same thin kerf technology as the industrial mill and sawing quality is the same as its larger Wood-Mizer relatives.

Although transportable, it suits sawing in static conditions. For example, all year in a barn and in winter when other outside work is difficult and where electric equipment makes life easier. Customer research shows that smooth sawing, minimal noise and lower power cost to the process are welcome.

Until now, the smallest Wood-Mizer band sawmill has been the LT15 sawmill, introduced in 1997 and with 5 000 operating worldwide. Record sales of this formerly lowest-cost Wood-Mizer band saw mill led to a price cut in 2006. The LT15 sawmill recently added powered up/down, ‘Setworks’ and a bigger engine with electric start.

In terms of economy, the company has now gone a step further. Despite wide use of the LT15 band sawmills, it was noticed that a group of would-be small bandsaw operators wanted something even simpler.

The LT10 band sawmill responds with the smaller power source as well as reduced log specification which together slash the price but maintain the cut and hand crank, up/down, push/pull feed. Setworks are deemed unnecessary but the LT10 sawmill has the same blade running gear as the LT15 sawmill.

LT10s will be generally used by farmers, estate owners, park managers, large garden centres and anyone with relatively modest timber sawing needs.

The bed frame dismantles for simple transportation or storage and a variety of zinc coated bed frame sections to suit differing customer requirements are available.

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