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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

‘Super Hydraulic’ bed for LT40 and LT70 band sawmills

‘Super Hydraulic’ bed for LT40 and LT70 band sawmills Important improvements to LT40 and ‘70 sawmills come in the form of a ‘Super Hydraulic’ bed with more log-handling functions and better siting of hydraulic controls. Innovative features of the ‘Super Hydraulic’ bed are:

Vertical side supports. These supports are quicker in operation and easier to adjust than the standard bed’s side-supports.
Chain log turner. This chain log turner rotates a log quicker than the standard ‘claw’ turner and, significantly, can rotate it either way.
Powered ‘roller’ toe board. This allows the log to be moved backwards or forwards after loading, ensuring that the log is correctly positioned on the bed. Furthermore, it facilitates the removal of sawn cants or boards, once sawing is complete.
The position of the operator controls for the hydraulic system can now be moved for better visibility and control. This is thanks to electrically operated valves on the main hydraulic system, now located near the axle for better weight distribution and serviceability.
Optional pull down clamps. These devices pull down the ends of the stressed log and clamp them to the bed. On the ‘Super Hydraulic’ bed up to four clamps can be installed and mounted in a choice of five locations on the bed. The ‘Super Hydraulic’ bed does, of course, retain all other beneficial features like the log clamp still using a special two-plane clamping system and the loading arms.

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