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Wood-Mizer continues amongst the winners of Polish Fair Play awards

Wood-Mizer continues amongst the winners of Polish Fair Play awards Increasingly, in recent years, companies appreciate the importance of ‘fair play’, honourable treatment of commercial partners and employees as well attention to tax obligations. This has further evolved into an ethos of social responsibility – support of charities, foundations, public utility associations, schools and hospitals.

It is now widely accepted that ethics and business are not mutually exclusive. Firms participating in the programme not only uphold social responsibility in everyday life, they still demonstrate commercial probity and success.

Richard Vivers, president of Wood-Mizer Industries’ management board, comments:
"We are honoured this year, once again, to be among the Fair Play winners.

"Our award vindicates Wood-Mizer’s close cooperation and partnership with customers and vendors, as well as its involvement in charity in favour of local communities.

"It also highlights a direct link between its dynamic business development and the strength of Wood-Mizer’s image as a good employer and reliable partner", adds Richard Vivers.

The award won by Wood-Mizer Industries within the Fair Play Company programme follows several years’ participation. In 2002, the Wood-Mizer won one of Fair Play’s awards which was received by Andrzej Cichy, financial director.

Furthermore, this latest award follows Wood-Mizer winning Wehiku?y Czasu(Time Vehicles), Inwestor w Kapita? Ludzki(Investor in Human Capital) and Gazele Biznesu 2007 (Business Gazelles 2007). All these awards serve as a reminder of the leading position of the company in its industry, its level of cooperation with customers and employees and the quality of products offered to customers on all continents.

This article was published in the 'Wood-Mizer Today' company newsletter.

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