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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Russian timber processor adds edger to band sawmill and boosts productivity

Russian timber processor adds edger to band sawmill and boosts productivity In a small town ''Lodejnoje Pole'' in 230 km to north-east from Saint-Petersburg Alexei worked as a production manager. A branch of the Petersburg’s company ''Expotek'' is less than two years old. The purpose of the enterprise foundation is exceptionally pine and spruce processing for saw-timber because there are woods to be sawn for 10 years ahead.

The customers are generally from Saint-Petersburg, but there are also local manufacturers of doors and windows. And very often it happens so that selected and packed like a sweet saw-timber goes overseas from the Petersburg port. Alexei Kudrevich has been working here for two years. He started as a grinder man and an operator on the Wood-Mizer sawmill.

- You should squeeze out everything from it. It justifies itself. We bought additional equipment - an edging machine.

Of course there are not only these machines in Alexei's economy. The market has its demands. Edged and non-edged board is not everything.

- Oh, sure! It is being selected, packed. You should make a marketable appearance. A sweet is being packed to a wrapper.

The blades of local Petersburg production are used on the ''Expotek'' plant. Alexei dealt with them himself, so, he said they were undemanding and it was easy to use them. But he advised to appeal for details to a specialist.

Valery, a grinder man:
- Among blades we know these ones are simply wonderful. There are no equal blades on sharpening questions. They saw more than 20 cubic meters as it is written there. Even up to 100 cubic meters they saw well. Except of this they come already prepared from the plant. They are sharpened, set and hold mud well.
Kudrevich Alexey

LPF OOO ''Expotek''
187700, Lodejnoje Pole, Leningrad region
pr.Lenina, 76, k.A
''Lodejnopolski DOK''
Tel/Fax: +007 812 6420125
Tel: +007 812 942 12 43
Tel: +007 911 950 97 46

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