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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Ukrainian sauna maker expands with band sawmill

Ukrainian sauna maker expands with band sawmill Which factors are the most important for you while the equipment purchasing? The Wood-Mizer customers pay their attention first of all to the equipment quality and its reliability. That is how the Wood-Mizer equipment was tested in the Ukraine.

Anatoli Sviatetsky, the ''Test'' company owner, tells the story:
- One day an inexperienced operator, bringing a log with the help of a cathead to a sawmill, contrived to turn the sawmill over. His shock was great. Though the guys from Boyarka, Ukraine Wood-Mizer office, came quickly. And approximately in a half a day they repaired everything. That fact surprised me very much. It means the quality is really very high. And for today the sawmill is working impeccably.

Anatoli Sviatetsky is an electrical engineer. For 13 years he had been working at Chernobyl nuclear electric power station. In 1991 according to the state of health he retired and decided to open his own business. - In as much I live in Polesie there are woods, so, as they say, Got himself told to engage in woodworking. What attracted me so much? I invested not great money. Then bought a sawmill. Earned money. And after that I started the timber deep processing.

At first Anatoli Vasilievich bought a Soviet power-saw bench. He used it and studied the market. Then he knew about Wood-Mizer. Because there were no representatives in the Ukraine at that time he went to Kolo. There he bought rollers, a strainer, a measuring rod. And all these items he applied to the Soviet power-saw bench. But in the end he decided to buy the Wood-Mizer sawmill.

- I was charmed that it was the console construction. You can saw logs of big diameters. Sometimes I had to saw logs of 1.2 m in diameter. We could earn much money, and we did it.

Now Mr.Sviatetsky's company manufactures wooden siding, plinths. Also they build saunas - separately standing and indoor ones. Completely ready. Except of this there are good engraver-men. Some time Anatoli Vasilievich bought a carver at the Wood-Mizer company and his craftsmen made unique masterpieces from wild pear-tree. The production owner thinks that it is important to make everything very thoroughly. There are no small points in the work.

- Many people came to share experience. Because there are many industrial plants. They should saw much more but because of bad work organization and low-qualified staff they saw little. So even from the Ministry they came to see - what the Wood-Mizer sawmill is. Thus the sawmill becomes an industrial machine but not a small bench for small articles.

'Test' company, Kiev. Ukraine
Tel.: +380 44431 82 77
Tel.: +380 44 492 11 54

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