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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Multi head resaw launches Latvian pallet maker on to British market

Multi head resaw launches Latvian pallet maker on to British market
Aldis Drikis states and… conquers the English market
The ''Toto'' company bought a Wood-Mizer's MultiHead in December 2000, when the timber market in Europe was, frankly speaking, cheerless. However the new equipment gave him the possibility to fulfill orders which had previously been beyond the company’s power.

Aldis Drikis sees the future
Modern progressive woodworking technologies are being implement in Latvia very intensively and Wood-Mizer’s MultiHead which is remarkable for its high level of productivity, accuracy of cut, economy and reliability, is to the Latvian woodworkers’ liking. If your desire is not simply to produce timber, but to produce timber of a high quality so that you can sell into the export market, the Wood-Mizer MultiHead is indispensable.

The ''Toto'' company, belonging to Aldis Drikis, is situated in the Tauren region and has bee in the woodworking business for the last 10 years. During this time the small enterprise, with limited expertise in the early years, has been transformed into a multi-line production unit producing pallet wood. In these ten years the costs of logs, energy and labor have more than tripled and in this has led to an ever increasing need to invest in more productive equipment in order to maintain margins.

Aldis Drikis saves money
Now ''Toto'' uses a debarker, log sorting and transfer lines, computerized 2 head sawmill as well as sawdoctoring equipment. A waste chipper was recently added to the line. ''Toto'' won an award from the British ‘garden program’ and has created the joinery shop. The company is in the process of getting the FSC certificate.

However the main event which happened 1,5 year ago and allowed them to achieve new production levels was undoubtedly the purchase of a Wood-Mizer MultiHead, which was bought from ''Oberts'', the Wood-Mizer representative in Latvia. It was bought at a show and was in action within 5 days.

''The situation was,– says Aldis Drikis, – that we won an urgent order for a British customer. We did not have sufficient capacity. But the MultiHead helped us. We can make four cuts in a three sided cant in one pass and, in addition, the sawn recovery increased by 20% compared with circular blade. Thus we get 120 cubic instead of 100 before''.

''To earn the same profit making fencing from deciduous timber, you need to cut 7 m3 on a normal band sawmill, or just 1m3 on the MultiHead''.

Aldis Drikis wins!
At this time one operator feeds the cants for the 4,5 mm boards and 2 assistants sort and pack the finished elements. The unfinished cant is retruned to the infeed by the Merry-Go-Round system provided by Wood-Mizer. The MultiHead is currently cutting at 18-20 m/min, although the maximum speed is 30 m/min.

The product is targeted for 3 factories in England where the fencing panels are assembled. There is also demand in Latvia. Thanks to the technical features of the MultiHead, the boards have such a flat surface that further treatment isn’t necessary.

This equipment, which can have up to 6 cutting heads, can produce high quality 3mm thick boards. The price for this product is very high. ''Boards of 17-18 mm thickness, produced on MultiHead, Aldis Drikis continues, give me the highest profit''.

The biggest advantage is the patented loose belt system on the blade pulley wheels. ''The belts dampen any blade vibration, – explains Vilmars Jansons from 'Oberts'. – Without this dampening effect blades can easily break with the accumulation of sawdust on the wheels''.

There is also one more important factor – on steel wheels the wheels have to be re-machined fairly frequently and this often takes two or more days – with the Wood-Mizer you simply replace the belt.

To sum up, the purchase of the Wood-Mizer MultiHead allowed ''Toto'' to compete in an ever more difficult market and increase their market share.But ''Toto'' is not stopping here, they have already started producing the final product themselves and are supplying the UK supermarket.

''The profit which used to be generated by cutting and assembly in the UK market is now being earned in Latvia'', – Vilmars Jansons explains.

Author: Ingwars Jakajtis, Riga

''Lietaskoks'', Latvia
Translated from Latvian

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