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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Barrel making enterprise in Russia prospers on band saw operation

Barrel making enterprise in Russia prospers on band saw operation Vadim Kolesnikov has been interested for years with everything connected with timber. As usual his entrance to business started from timber sawing on a Wood-Mizer sawmill, which he bought in 1993. However his plans were much larger. He asked himself: Is it possible to organize a barrel making operation in Russia?

- Together with my friend we had to go out into the countryside, to search for a cooper, a highly-qualified specialist. He taught us his skills, - Vadim tells.

Business started from the most primitive items - tubs and vats. Demand appeared huge. The next step was fonts and water-pool manufacturing.

- At first we used designs taken from ancient pictures. Then we invented and even patented our own constructions - wooden pools up to 2m in diameter.We used oak, beech and pine,and soon a curious idea came into our heads - to use spruce. It turned out that in ancient times spruce was used for boat construction because it was waterproof.

The technology of cooperage is hard to be explained simply, but the Wood-Mizer sawmill blends well with it.

- We work to very tight tolerances and this is why we need accurately cut boards and billets. We haven’t yet found an alternative to the Wood-Mizer sawmill. It's a super sawmill. We are very satisfied with it and are considering purchasing another one, - Vadim adds.

Ania, Vadim's wife, takes part in all his undertakings. Now she is working as sales manager in the company, but one day she had to appear in a very different role.

- An idea to make a photo with me in the pool appeared in our minds, - Ania recounts. It was very interesting to me to work as a model. At that time I didn't go deeply into the manufacturing process, I just wanted to help. And it was very exciting. They put me in a pool with cold water where I spent 40 minutes, and they said I had to smile!

The came out very well.

Private business always opens up new ideas. The company now also offers brushes used in Russian baths, special mittens, little caps and even special aromas. All these items are being sold in more than 45 cities in Russia from Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. The products are also being sold in Sweden, Germany, Norway, and even in Finland - a country where they are experts in saunas.

- Everything connected with wood is very interesting, - Vadim conjectures. - If there is only enough oil for 50 years then wood will be available for over 500 years. So there is the vast field for our activity and for the Wood-Mizer sawmills.

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