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Polish timber frame house builder offers 200 designs, courtesy of thin kerf sawing

Polish timber frame house builder offers 200 designs, courtesy of thin kerf sawing Mr. Piotr Trykowski, owner of the company ''Galant'' tells us that he started his activities in 1990 by selling round logs to Germany, he then moved into agenting sawn timber.And in 1996 Mr.Trykowski bought the Wood-Mizer sawmill. Together with four people he started to process the timber himself. Soon Mr.Trykowski's company began to construct and assemble roofs.

After achieving the necessary standrd of professionalism Mr. Piotr Trykowski decided to build wooden timber frame houses. Now there are seventeen people in his company. And they are dabs, as the company owner says.

- First of all we saw the timber on a Wood-Mizer sawmill. In general it is pine. Then we dry it. Did you see the drier on my plant? This process takes about two weeks. Then we process the boards on a planer. Wall construction takes two or three days. Our erection crew consists of four people, they assemble a finished house within four weeks. I stress – I mean a finished house, it means with all services, baths, wash-basins and water-closets.

The "Galant" company works in close contact with the architectural bureau in Krakow. Owing to this fact the company can offer about 200 house projects. And this is not a limit. In Mr.Trykowski's opinion you can construct any building using the timber frame method.

- You can always choose a house project, which will meet all your requirements.

Piotr Trykowski talked about projects with such enthusiasm that you would think that he was trained as a builder or an architect. But as it turns out - neither. Mr.Trykowski is a land-surveyor. Knowledge in this field has been very useful to him, because every house begins with the foundations, and in this question Mr.Trykowski is an expert.

- At this time, mid summer, we have already got orders till the end of winter. And about the Wood-Mizer sawmill I will tell you that it is still performing well. We purchased it several years ago on leasing, now the leasing contract is over and the sawmill is in the same condition as it was when we bought it. I mean - from the technical point of view the Wood-Mizer sawmill is the best.

Piotr Trykowski
Z.P.H. GALANT Dabrowa 30
83-260 Kaliska
Tel.: +00 48 58 560 9215

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