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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer has revealed a new version of its Edger and is holding the price to that of its widely used predecessor

Wood-Mizer has revealed a new version of its Edger and is holding the price to that of its widely used predecessor Flexibility incorporated in new Edger design can improve response to changing timber market demands and speed productivity.

The company's reputation for its technical solutions to producing un-edged, saleable lumber has long been enhanced by secondary kit like its Edger. The ability to turn out boards with both sides cut in one pass has been a widespread attraction. Timber processors get more income from dimensional lumber.

A feature of the original Edger was that the position of one of the circular blades is fixed while the second can be moved to the drive shaft for quick board width setting. Another attraction was the ability to transform the Edger into a 'Multi-rip' by adding up to and including five blades.

The new EG300 Edgers have beefed-up engines and better controls.

Basic design innovations are:
1) There are now two main engine options: 15kW for the standard and an 18,5kW power source as an option,
2) An operator’s control panel is incorporated so now board width is electrically preset,
3) Standard 'Setworks' and optional, positioning laser sights are available,
4) Power feed is smoothly adjusted from 0-25m/min via the control panel,
5) The control panel is moveable and can be fixed in a convenient position.

As before the twin-blade edger can be transformed into a Multi-rip with five blades. However, this facility is taken further by an optional, single fixed blade kit which converts the Edger into a triple blade machine, two fixed, one moveable. The company believes that this novelty has the attraction of combining the Multi-rip and edging functions. 'Setworks' still control the position of the third blade.

Reflecting its successful modular mills concept, the new Edger comprises three basic components: cutting mechanism, in-feed and out-feed tables. Result: easier and less costly transportation.

Particularly significant in current economic conditions, the entire innovative design keeps the EE20's price the same as its predecessor's. 'Lean' approaches to production at the Wood-Mizer European facility in Poland permit this. Furthermore, Wood-Mizer claims that the EG300 Edger can increase the competitiveness of timber processing in hard times.

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