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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Profitable sawmilling with LT300 sawmill

Profitable sawmilling with LT300 sawmill At the beginning of this year Wood-Mizer launched their new LT300 sawmill, which was announced as the most powerful and productive Wood-Mizer ever. The first LT300 installed in Europe was to a Latvian customer and during the recent woodworking machinery show in Riga further LT300 sales have been made.

The LT300 is equipped with the heaviest duty cutting head and fastest hydraulic handling package in the Wood-Mizer sawmill line. High yield, high-quality lumber and low costs are the factors that generate profit in sawmilling, and the LT300 meets these demands and is thefastest and most productive mill in Wood-Mizer’s long history. According to the manufacturer, the LT300 has the ability to produce 4,700 m3 per year (1,8-2,8 m3 per hour) of 25mm grade lumber (single 8-hour shift operation). Cutting dimensional timber with ancillary equipment (such as an edger and a MultiHead re-saw) production rates of between 4-6m3 of sawn timber per hour (7,680-11,500 m3 per year) can be expected.

Technical features
The headrig is controlled from a separate operator station – where the sawyer has the best possible view – by joysticks and a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, setworks. From there, the operator controls all the log-handling functions, determines board thickness, and controls the movement of the cutting head. An air jet sweeps sawdust from the freshly cut surface, providing an unobstructed view of the sawn surface. The LT300 also has a unique feature – a cruise control system that automatically regulates feed speed to the highest possible rates, resulting in maximum production. The optional LT300 material handling system (log decks, inclined conveyor, and transfer table) makes this mill easy to integrate into any installation, new or existing.

The LT300 and Profitable Sawmilling
- LT300 is very efficient in production and in yield, but at only a fraction of the cost of circle mills or wide band mills.
- LT300 can increase profits by decreasing log and labor requirements.
- By using thin-kerf, narrow-band blades, general maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
- The 30HP electric motor can process the biggest logs – at just a fraction of the power needed to operate larger mills. That means significant savings in energy costs.
- Lower blade cost – the Wood-Mizer narrow-band blades are less expensive to buy and maintain.
- Leaves smooth surface, reducing target sizes, making grading easier, and increasing product quality.

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