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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

WM3000 industrial sawmill 'cuts the mustard' in Europe

WM3000 industrial sawmill 'cuts the mustard' in Europe The success of worldwide thin kerf sawmills maker Wood-Mizer with its industrial scale mill has been phenomenal.The WM3000 has revolutionised wood processing throughout the continent.One explanation lies in the fact that it offers a 'mini-plant' rather than a mere sawmill. Wood-Mizer's reputation in thin kerf techniques helps too. Components are compatible and interchangeable –– and an WM3000 line can be installed in three to five days, including personnel training.

A typical WM3000 industrial level timber processing line includes a material handling system that consists of:
1) An hydraulic log deck which collects logs and uploads them to the sawmill bed one by one.
2) The powerful remotely-controlled industrial WM3000 sawmill plus inclined conveyor which automatically removes finished boards.
3) Pneumatic transfer table which directs boards for various further processing functions.

An edger with two circular blades which can be adapted to a five-blade 'multirip' . Another explanation as to why it is so evidently profitable in use is indicated by half a dozen key points:

- The narrow blade saws to minimal thicknesses – just 2 mm, explaining the notable output. Actu
ally, it turns out one extra board from each log which in turn brings in more revenue.
- Labour costs decrease because the WM3000 line requires just one man – the sawmill operator.
- A novel construction feature of a WM3000 sawmill is a ‘cruise control’ system which automatically controls cutting speed, adjusting to maximum. This enhances productivity.
- The narrow blades are inexpensive and simple to maintain.
- Power requirement is just 22 kW engine like in any non-industrial cutting technology, saving money on energy.
- Finished products are boards with smooth surfaces to precise dimensions and to decreased tolerances making the particularly suitable for further processing.

First in Europe to calculate and comprehend the advantages of the WM3000 were Latvian woodworkers. In the past years more than 35 WM300 lines have been established in Latvia.

They all produce high grade timber and successfully sell it not only in European markets but as far away as Japan where customers are very quality conscious. Several Latvian enterprises have already covered the investment in their WM3000 and have extended their production with a second WM3000 line.

As they English say: 'it cuts the mustard'!

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