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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer boosts band blades worldwide

Wood-Mizer boosts band blades worldwide Further increases in demand for Wood-Mizer’s band blades – three million metres (up 50%) were produced in 2007 and a further 50% is on the cards this year – have justified the company laying down extra blade production lines.
It also reveals the impending launch two more band blade types, bringing its range to four basic blades for each of two types. In addition, the company’s world blades distribution network and its resharpening services has increased.

The company’s band blades – a ‘standard’ in wood processing – are manufactured from high grade alloy and the teeth are induction hardened using Wood-Mizer’s own technology. The company is able to bring blades and coils of such quality to the market at competitive prices due to the high volumes as well as continuing investment in in-house production and treatment technologies.

Its European headquarters in Poland manufactures to ISO 9001:2000 and blade coil from its American parent is tested metallurgically before conversion to blades. Each blade carries individual identification to monitor quality and collect customer feedback as well as guarantee authenticity. In a move to increase its customers’ choice it will soon extend them to four basic widths of two of the types: the ‘DoubleHard’ in alloy exclusive to Wood-Mizer plus induction hardened teeth, which in effect lengthen blade life; and the ‘SilverTip’ in standard steel but again with induction hardened teeth for longevity. In addition, the ‘Professional’ also in the exclusive alloy permits flexibility and minimal breakage.

Four tooth profiles are: for frozen- and hardwoods; for both soft- and hardwoods; for softwoods only; and for extremely hard woods as well as frozen and dried woods.

Wood-Mizer’s blade material can be supplied as ready to use blades (sharpened, set and welded to customer length) or as 100m coils for its certified blade sales outlets to weld to local customer requirements.

The company believes that strong demand for its admittedly not cheap blades testifies to their longevity, quality of cut and – particularly important – low cost per m3 which customers expect from a Wood-Mizer blade.

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