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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

‘Chunkier’ version of small band sawmill Wood-Mizer LT20B

‘Chunkier’ version of small band sawmill Wood-Mizer LT20B In difficult economical conditions Wood-Mizer’s new sawmill bed design aims to boost productivity.

Narrow blade band sawmill leader, Wood-Mizer, has unveiled a mill which combines the attributes of two of its mills –– one small, the other small-to-medium.

It claims that the new mill will suit specific requests from some of its customers who operate the small mills for something more rugged and having more functions without recourse to a larger version. Roman Frontczak, Wood-Mizer R&D engineering manager explains: "the LT20B band sawmill is our response to demands for a stationary, mid-priced yet productive band sawmill.

"We analysed many applications and user comments about our LT15 series of small mills and, essentially, came up with a new bed or main frame."

Actually, the LT20B combines what the market appears to regard as the prime features of both the company’s small LT15 sawmill and its classic LT20 small-to-medium unit. The LT20B bed is much bigger than the LT15’s and lower than that of the classic LT20 sawmill, simplifying manual log loading.

The new bed maintains Wood-Mizer’s patented construction but now consists of two-metre sections that allow the selection of cutting lengths. Unlike the LT15’s removable log wedge, a new screw-jack on the LT20B bed improves tapered log levelling. Bed legs are adjustable for easy assembly. Log ramps and a manual winch are optional extras. The main advantage of the bed for the LT20B sawmill is the combination of modularity from the LT15 sawmill with the accuracy and equipment of the LT20 and LT40 series. The LT20B bed can be smoothly adjusted and the log easily levelled.

The basic version of the new mill has the cutting head of the LT20 series with 11kW electric up/down feed, ‘Setworks’ and an optional debarker. The mechanised cutting head operations contribute significantly to increased productivity according to Wood-Mizer. Other options such as different engines or equipment are also available.

The LT20B sawmill price is slightly lower than classic LT20 (non-hydraulic) series.

However, the LT20B’s new functions offer advantages which aim to make sawing more flexible. Usually, the operator makes a cut, brings back the head to its initial position so an assistant can remove boards and then makes the next cut while the helper stands by.

The design of the bed invites new approaches to this type of sawing with Wood-Mizer suggesting the addition of additional bed segments for simultaneously loading two logs end-to-end. The operator doesn’t stop after the first log is sawn but continues with the second as the assistant removes boards from the first. Labour is efficiently organised and productivity increased as wasted time diminishes. Roman Frontczak adds:
"We believe this solution fits the needs of sawmillers seeking organised, flexible wood cutting and increased output for low-to-medium cost.

"Indeed, we view it as the birth of a new family of band sawmills.

"First batch of these new mills is already operating in Russia and we are monitoring progress", he concludes. Wood-Mizer reveals that eventually there will be an hydraulic version of this now-manual band sawmill.

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