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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Fieragricola, Verona, Italy, February 6-9, 2014

Fieragricola, Verona, Italy, February 6-9, 2014
One of the oldest European agricultural exhibitions will open in the Italian city of Verona from February 6-9. Celebrating 115 years of history, Fieragricola helps consumers to discover and investigate future agricultural trends. On the show website, the Fieragricola Press Office has posed an interesting question to economists, university professors, leading figures in the agricultural product trade, and farming unions: what will the agriculture industry look like in 2030?

The replies are varied. Many predict that there will be fewer agricultural enterprises overall, but that will specialize in mass production to broader markets. With new scientific discoveries underlying the new green revolution and, of course, advances in computer science, robotics and bio-tech, the agriculture industry will find new ways of meeting new needs.

Wood-Mizer is going to take part in the Fieragricola exhibition in Verona from February 6-9, demonstrating an operational LT15 with a petrol engine to the Italian woodworking and sawmilling markets. Our specialists would be happy to present our recommendations to the small to medium sawmilling sector and what the future holds for this viable aspect of agriculture.

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