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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer at Ligna Messe in Hannover, May 6-10, 2013

Wood-Mizer at Ligna Messe in Hannover, May 6-10, 2013 Wood-Mizer will be introducing a new concept for automated small log processing.

The motto for this year’s Ligna exhibition is: «Making more out of wood. INNOVATIONS. EFFICIENCY. SOLUTIONS».

Answering this challenge, the Wood-Mizer company, known as a leader in the narrow band blade technology, will present a wide range of band sawmill solutions for efficient, low-cost, and highly productive wood cutting.

INNOVATIONS: Automated small log processing
The main exhibit at the Wood-Mizer stand will be the completely redesigned SLP line that efficiently converts small-diameter logs into lumber, mainly into pallet wood. The new concept SLP line has a higher degree of automation, reducing manpower requirements by two times. The whole line is designed to be operated by only 2 or 3 workers.

Small logs of 1-3.6 m length and 10-40 cm diameter are staged on an inclined ramp that feeds the log onto the line consisting of three band sawmills:

1) the TVS twin vertical saw, which converts logs into two-sided cant

2) the SHS single horizontal saw, that removes the third side from the cant

3) the HR500 multihead horizontal resaw, which converts the three-sided cant into pallet lumber with a single pass.

All the sawmills are connected by material handling equipment including three types of conveyors: belt, roller and chain. Clamps and material positioning systems ensure accurate cutting and removal of waste material. All the functions of the line are controlled from a central console that is stationed at the beginning of the line.

At Ligna, the Wood-Mizer experts will demonstrate the SLP line in operation and will explain the possibilities of various layouts of the equipment.

EFFICIENCY: Band sawmills for different business scales
The advantages of Wood-Mizer sawmills have their roots in the narrow band blade technology: they save energy through the use of small motors, and save the wood, making more lumber and less sawdust from every log.

At Ligna'13 Wood-Mizer will present the wide range of its band sawmills for different business demands.

The simplest LT10 sawmill is commonly used by farmers and estate owners, while the LT15 series is well suited for entry-level business. At the show, the LT15 sawmill with an electric motor and debarker will also be equipped with the MP100 log moulder/planer. This kit is used in building projects for producing planed beams and shaped columns.

The LT20 series will be presented in two versions: a classic LT20 sawmill with an electric motor and debarker and a stationary LT20B on the low segmented bed with a remote control. This version is suitable for medium-sized enterprises because the remote control feature reduces operator fatigue, and boosts overall productivity.

The famous mobile Wood-Mizer sawmills will be represented by the semi-industrial LT70 series sawmill with a 42 hp diesel engine. This machine is equipped with larger diameter bandwheels, a powerful hydraulic system for log loading, and provides high-speed cutting combined with minimal maintenance.

For timber producers who are looking for solutions to increase productivity, Wood-Mizer offers the EG300 edger with two circular saws, control panel and laser pointers. Another advantage of the EG300 is that the machine can be easily transformed into a multirip with five circular saws.

In recent years, Wood-Mizer has invested much effort into the development of industrial wood cutting machines for high-speed, multi-shift operations, resulting in the release of the WM3000 and WM3500 industrial sawmills. At Ligna, a new industrial sawmill will be demonstrated for the first time. Detailed information about this new sawmill will be published when it is available.

SOLUTIONS: Narrow band blades
As the only band sawmill manufacturer making its own blades, Wood-Mizer will present the full spectrum of blades solutions in three series: the famous DoubleHard, the Stellite-tipped RazorTip and the budget SilverTip blades. Currently the company manufactures blades in five tooth profiles for different types of wood and in different widths (32-75 mm) and thicknesses (1-1.4 mm).

Wood-Mizer will demonstrate a wide range of blade sharpeners based on CBN-technology, from the economy BMS200 package and the professional BMS250 to the industrial high-speed BMS500 sharpener destined for re-sharp centers. Four versions of blade tooth setters to meet the diverse needs of users will also be shown, starting from the manual BMT100 setter to the fully automatic BMT300 setter with CNC control. Special attention should be given to the new BMT200/250 setters, which are equipped with the dual crank and can be operated manually or automatically with a control panel and motor to feed the blade.

Thus innovative solutions of Wood-Mizer are able to ‘make more out of wood’: to increase the efficiency and competitiveness of timber production.

We welcome you to visit the Wood-Mizer stand at Ligna Messe’s open area. Wood-Mizer supports its customers with free entrance tickets – please call to your local Wood-Mizer office.

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