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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer sponsors prestigious UK forestry award

Wood-Mizer sponsors prestigious UK forestry award The Royal Forestry Society (RFS) has warmly welcomed Wood-Mizer as the Gold Sponsor of the RFS Excellence in Forestry Small Woodlands Awards 2013.

Andrew Woods, chairman of the management committee at RFS, said: "As a world leader in mobile and stationary sawmills, Wood-Mizer is known for quality and expert workmanship, and many woodland owners across the UK have reason to be proud of using their products.

"The RFS Excellence in Forestry Awards throw a spotlight on best practice in a region so that others may follow their example. Small woodlands are increasingly being brought back into management for wood fuel and other timber products, and their wise management is essential to maximise benefits for timber production, bio-diversity, leisure and many other purposes".

The RFS Excellence in Forestry awards are the most prestigious in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Small Woodlands Award includes farm woodlands and is one of five woodland categories. It rewards projects where smaller woodlands are managed on a multipurpose basis with clearly stated objectives. Woodlands may be recent or old, but must have been established for at least 10 years and be of a maximum size of 20 hectares.

Entries are invited from woodland owners and farmers, or from managers from the private, public or voluntary sectors. The award is aimed principally at the hands-on owner and it is expected that the day-to-day management will be done by the owner, or under their direct guidance.

"In the UK, these groups are important customers for Wood-Mizer, both directly and through their employment of mobile sawmill contractors who use our machines", said David Biggs, general manager of Wood-Mizer UK.

"Privately-owned woodlands are a large and important part of the country’s forest infrastructure and we are proud to show our support to the sector by sponsoring this Award that encourages and recognises good management practices. We believe that a first principle is that felled trees should be used for wood products first and foremost – so that the carbon taken in by the growing tree remains locked in the wood. Wood is the only renewable natural resource, and whether used in construction, furniture, fencing and garden products, pallets and packaging and board products, provides a strong, versatile and attractive material that is more environmentally sound than competitor materials. Wood should only be burnt as biofuel (when C02 will be released back into the atmosphere) at the end of its ‘product’ life or when it is not suitable for converting into wood products.

"Private woodland owners need to achieve maximum value from their resource so that they have income to invest in managing their land. Wood-Mizer sawmills offer a genuine solution to this need. Our pioneering thin-kerf narrow band technology makes the equipment less costly to purchase, easier to install and easier and cheaper to maintain. Less energy is required to power the machines, saving money for the customer as well as reducing the need for fossil fuels, and the sawmills cut accurately with a good surface finish. The thin-kerf means they produce less sawdust and more wood – an important economic benefit for owners and also to the environment since higher yield means less waste from each log and fewer logs required".

The annual RFS Forestry Awards rotate around the country and in 2013 will be held in an area stretching from Worcestershire to Cumbria. Closing date for entries is March 4, 2013.

For more information contact Wood-Mizer (tel: 01622 813 201; email: or visit the Royal Forestry Society website (www.rfs.org.uk).

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