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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Xylexpo 2012, May 8-11, Milano, Italia — Wood-Mizer stand AE05/4P1

Xylexpo 2012, May 8-11, Milano, Italia — Wood-Mizer stand AE05/4P1 Taking a large space in the Open Area of Xylexpo 2012, Wood-Mizer will present a comprehensive selection of sawmills and secondary processing machines from its wide range.

For cutting logs up to 70cm diameter, the LT10 and LT15 will be shown. The low investment required for these sawmills make them an economical proposition even if they are not used every day. The LT15 will be fitted with the optional Setworks for automatic, repeatable cutting of the required board thickness. In addition, the MP100 moulder-planer for producing planed beams or moulded building components from the sawn log will be installed on the LT15 sawmill bed.

For greater versatility when cutting logs up to 80cm, the LT20B will be demonstrated. A key feature of this model is the modular bed, which can easily be extended by adding 2m sections. In addition to cutting longer logs, this allows two or more shorter logs to be loaded end to end and cut in a single pass of the head.

Visitors with still larger volume requirements will be able to see the LT40 and LT70 sawmills at work. The LT40 for logs up to 90cm diameter will be shown in mobile configuration for towing to site, and with the hydraulic bed package with powered loader, turner, side supports, clamp and toeboards.

The LT70 is the largest in the LT range of sawmills and handles logs up to 95cm. With advanced PLC Setworks as standard, it meets the needs for a modern log processing plant that combines high performance with minimal maintenance. For Xylexpo the machine will be equipped with the optional debarker, which removes bark before the bandsaw cuts and is particularly useful when handling logs that are contaminated with dirt and stones.

Wood-Mizer’s presentation of professional sawmill equipment will also include the HR115 resaw for processing cants up to 400mm wide and from 700mm in length into finished boards from 6mm up. The head can be tilted from 0deg-8deg, so the HR115 can product shingles, lap siding, split rails and other components as well as battens and boards.

At the last Xylexpo, Wood-Mizer demonstrated its integrated SLP line for economic processing of small logs. The Industrial machines that make up the line can also be supplied individually, and this year the stand will include demonstrations of the TVS Twin Vertical Saw with ‘spiky’ feed and the HR500 horizontal resaw. The TVS cuts two sides of the log in one pass, and the spiky feed system gives greater control and effective feeding of short and misshapen logs, while the HR500 can be supplied with one to six tilting heads for producing multiple thin boards (including feather-edged) in a single pass.

The EG300 edger/multirip will also be shown working. This versatile machine can be fitted with one fixed and one moveable blade for use as an edger, or up to four fixed and one moveable blade for multirip operations. The addition of an EG300 significantly increases productivity compared with the time-consuming process of edging boards on a sawmill.

Visitors will also be able to see a video presentation of the new WM1000 . This is the largest sawmill manufactured by Wood-Mizer to date and is designed for cutting heavy logs up to 1.7m in diameter, especially tropical hardwoods.

The stand will be completed with working demonstrations of the company’s Industrial Sharpener and Automatic Setter. These machines are simple to operate and allow automated maintenance of Wood-Mizer blades so that they continue to cut accurately and efficiently over their service life.

Wood-Mizer is the only sawmill manufacturer that also manufactures its own bandsaw blades. Developed to achieve optimum cutting performance, the narrow band thin-kerf blades are available in three ranges – SilverTip, DoubleHard and RazorTip (Stellite-tipped) – and in a variety of widths and profiles to suit different applications. They can also be supplied in any length, to suit Wood-Mizer machines as well as other makes of bandsaw.

Sales engineers from Wood-Mizer Italia and from the company’s European headquarters in Poland will be on hand to discuss visitors’ individual requirements and advise on the best choice of equipment.

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