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Wood-Mizer launches “Supplier of the Year” awards

Wood-Mizer launches “Supplier of the Year” awards
Wood-Mizer Industries Sp. z o.o., the world's leading producer of thin kerf band sawmills and ancillary wood processing equipment, has introduced an annual Awards scheme to recognise the support provided to the company by its suppliers.

Each year, Wood-Mizer’s purchasing team will evaluate all suppliers to identify the top performers, taking account of their customer service, overall quality, delivery, cost management and value-added support.

The inaugural Awards winners have been named as:

Al-Ko Kober Sp. z o.o., Przeźmierowo

ASMET Artykuły Metalowe Andrzej Sajnaga, Reguły k/Warszawy

Fabryka Silników Elektrycznych BESEL S.A., Brzeg

CZARNIK, Rzeszów

Zakład Produkcji i Usług KEMAK Sp. z o.o., Włocławek

At a luncheon held on March 7, the winners were presented with plaques by Wood-Mizer’s COO, Richard Vivers, and Purchasing Manager, Waldemar Chodosz. The event was attended by Plant Director, Grzegorz Laskowski and staff from the purchasing department of Wood-Mizer Industries in Kolo, and Wood-Mizer Products of Indianapolis was represented by Mark Law, Procurement Director.

“We work with hundreds of suppliers who provide us with quality products and services”, said Waldemar Chodosz. “Their support is vital to our activities and allows us to maintain a high level of satisfaction among our customers. Our new Supplier of the Year Awards gives us a way to recognise their work”.

Wood-Mizer congratulates the first winners and wishes them continued success.

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