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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer rallies to smaller wood harvesting kit trend at SkogsElmia fair, Sweden, 26-28 May 2011

Wood-Mizer rallies to smaller wood harvesting kit trend at SkogsElmia fair, Sweden, 26-28 May 2011
Thin kerf band sawing pioneer, Wood-Mizer demonstrates mills offering sustainable & affordable conversion, at SkogsElmia which is claimed to be the world’s biggest forest trade fair this year.

The fair was last held in 2007, attracting 33 500 visitors and 300 exhibitors.

Wood-Mizer notes increasing interest in ‘greater Scandinavia’ in small timber harvesting, conversion –– and secondary conversion –– sectors in which its wood processing kit has thrived. The basic ‘orange’ range of Wood-Mizer band sawmills fit the changing structure of Scandinavian forestry with enthusiasm for biofuel being partly replaced by smaller scale technology.

At SkogsElmia Wood-Mizer demonstrates a small LT15 band saw with a MP100 moulder/planer attachment; an LT70 semi-industrial band sawmill; an LT20B3 remote, extended-bed mill; and a twin-blade edger.

Following modifications, the twin blade edger’s competitiveness, including adjustable power feed, two optional lasers and ‘Setworks’ as standard, is self-evident in demonstration. Although boards can be edged on a band sawmill, output can increase by up to 30% with an edger in tandem. Power feed is smoothly adjusted from 0-25 m/min. As standard, it has two circular blades, one fixed, one adjustable. The position of the adjustable blade is adjusted electrically and ‘Setworks’ and optional positioning lasers enhance accuracy. Typical secondary processing products are building components such as roof beam supports.

The remotely-controlled, small-to-medium LT20B3 band sawmill shown is ‘chunky’ and extended to three two-metres long segments, for commercial cutting of logs up to 6.8-metres long. It combines the attributes of two mills –– one small, the other small-to-medium. Designed during the 2009 credit crunch, it enables operators to upgrade to higher output without investment in larger, more costly machines. Now, it has remote-control to deliver large amounts of sawn lumber and minimize operator fatigue.

The semi-industrial LT70 band sawmill typifies the theme of a relatively small mill performing modern log processing like larger, more expensive ones. It prefigures sawing dimensions, has an automatic clutch and a system to melt away sap. There is also a remote-controlled version that can function with a system of materials handling equipment.

The small LT15 band saw with an MP100 moulder/planer is a Wood-Mizer Nordik innovation. The moulder/planer can be installed on the bed of an existing LT15 or (smaller)LT10 band sawmill. At SkogsElmia, it demonstrates how it turns out valuable, moulded boards and profiled beams.

With the Nordik economies healthier than many in southern Europe and not suffering from credit restrictions, Wood-Mizer is optimistic about local responses to its narrow band sawmills which it feels anticipate the current Nordik appetite for smaller timber conversion kit.

"This year’s SkogsElmia is well placed. Sweden is the single largest market for forest machinery in Europe and the southern half of Sweden accounts for more than 65% of felling. With a high level of demand there is a great need for investment," says Per Jonsson, the fair’s project manager.

SkogsElmia is a sister event to the international Elmia Wood fair held every four years. Both events take place in the same area, in the forests south of Jönköping. SkogsElmia targets the Nordic market: Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark, with exhibitors also coming from Germany and other countries around the Baltic Sea.

Eero Lukkarinen, head of marketing at Kesla, a listed Finnish company manufacturing harvester heads, timber loading cranes, equipment for chipping and multi-stem handling and logging trailers, comments:

"We don’t have a forestry fair in Finland in 2011 where we can present innovations. Sweden is an important market for us, in addition to which the fair attracts visitors from Finland."

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