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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Ligna Messe, Hannover, Germany, 30 May - 3 June 2011

Ligna Messe, Hannover, Germany, 30 May - 3 June 2011
Wood-Mizer's outdoor stand FG J03 in front of Hall 27.

Narrow blade thin-kerf sawing pioneer Wood-Mizer is demonstrating a number of developments at Ligna, including band sawmills for small and medium businesses, improved small log processing for pallet production and, notably, a new sawmill in the company's Industrial range which cuts logs up to 1.7 metres in diameter.

'Orange' business ideas
Small businesses are known for their flexibility - their ability to respond quickly to changing demand by meeting the needs of customers, finding new ways to cut costs and opening new niche markets. This flexibility is especially important at times of economic uncertainty and instability.

In support of smaller businesses such as farmers and estate owners, Wood-Mizer is demonstrating a large spectrum of sawmills beginning with the LT10 Series, and also showing the advanced version of the LT15 equipped with power feed and the company's 'Setworks' for automatic control of board thickness.

For customers supplying or working in the housing industry, there is a new moulder-planer - the MP100 - which can be mounted on the bed of the LT10 or LT15 to allow production of planed or profiled beams and boards. The most recent development is the MP150, which features power feed and 'Setworks'.

A small-to-medium LT20B mill on a segmented bed demonstrates increased productivity at an affordable price. The bed length can easily be extended, allowing two or more short logs to be loaded end-to-end and cut in a single pass of the head - as well as enabling the owner to handle longer logs.

Of particular interest to palletwood producers, a small horizontal resaw will be demonstrated to assist with the conversion of short logs into saleable products.

Productivity boost
Wood-Mizer demonstrations would be incomplete without the mid-range LT40 'workhorse', which will be shown working with the Edger/Multirip that can increase productivity by one-third. The edger is equipped with two blades, one fixed and one moveable, with the operator able to adjust the blade for optimum yield or to cut a list of required widths. Two lasers show the line of cut and material feed speed is smoothly controllable. The Edger can be easily converted into a Multirip with up to five blades by the addition of a special collar that holds the blades.

Mobility enhancements
Almost all 'Orange' Wood-Mizer mills can be delivered in mobile versions. These can be towed to customers' log piles and therefore eliminate the log transportation costs associated with stationary mills - a widely appreciated advantage of mobile sawmilling as the basis of a wood processing business.

At Ligna such machines are represented by Wood-Mizer's semi-industrial LT70 sawmill with a 42hp diesel engine. An operator can be sawing within 10-15 minutes of arriving on site.

Modern palletwood production improved
An enhanced version of an efficient, sustainable small log processing set-up which converts generally non-commercial wood into palletwood is being shown.

It comprises a twin vertical saw equipped with a new 'spiky' chain system to ease raw material feed, followed by a single vertical saw and a twin-head horizontal resaw. The new log feed system improves the handling of hard, twisted and short logs, increasing the efficiency of the whole process by enabling logs to be fed butt-to-butt through the line.

Large boards from new, high-powered sawmill
Wood-Mizer has now brought its thin-kerf sawing technology to the processing of difficult, bulky logs, with the development of the new WM1000 sawmill.

Aimed particularly at Asian and African markets for cutting dense tropical hardwoods, but equally suitable for cutting large temperate hardwood and softwood worldwide, the WM1000 provides an affordable and productive solution to high quality, low waste processing of large logs. The headrig runs 50-75mm wide blades and takes Wood-Mizer into the 'wide band' market for the first time.

Expert in narrow blades
Wood-Mizer is the only sawmill manufacturer that also manufactures its own blades. An authority in narrow band thin-kerf blade production designed for optimum cutting on its own and other makes of sawmill, Wood-Mizer is showing its SilverTip, DoubleHard and RazorTip (Stellite-tipped) ranges of blades, including new width and thickness specifications.

The stand also includes demonstrations of the company's new industrial automatic blade sharpener and setter.

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