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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer sponsors 'Kent National Meeting' at Folkestone racecourse, UK

Wood-Mizer sponsors 'Kent National Meeting' at Folkestone racecourse, UK
A premier National Hunt horse racing day featuring the ‘Kent National’ on Wednesday 2nd March at Folkestone, Kent, England is to be sponsored for the first time by Wood-Mizer – the world’s leading producer of narrow blade sawmills and ancillary wood processing equipment.

Richard Vivers, chief operating officer of Wood-Mizer's worldwide operations announced, "We are delighted to support Folkestone Racecourse's Wood-Mizer Kent National Day”.

"Wood-Mizer is closely linked to the British and Irish countrysides. Most of the owners and operators of our roughly 300 band sawmills in the British Isles are farmers, estate owners & managers, traveling sawyers, small joinery & carpentry shops and larger timber processing concerns in country areas. The sustainable nature of our sawmills which, because of our narrow blade technology deliver an extra board and less sawdust from every log means less trees are felled. This frugal use of resources is welcomed by country folk whilst they seek rewarding diversifications like harvesting their own trees and contract sawing their neighbours' timber. Indeed, it is welcomed widely”.

"Rural activities represent part of the lives of most of our customers. Consequently, racing and land based activities are important to us, as well as being enjoyable”.

"In 1987, the United Kingdom was one of the first locations of our band sawmills outside the USA, where they were invented in 1984. The damage wreaked by the Hurricane in '87 brought them here and they were used to such effect that they 'snowballed' throughout the continent and further afield. 50,000 of our mills now operate worldwide”.

"Consequently, we owe a certain loyalty to our British and Irish clients in what are difficult times. We want our sponsorship of the racing at Folkestone Racecourse on its 'National Day' to demonstrate this."

Emma Santer, manager at Folkestone Racecourse expressed her delight, saying, “We are really pleased to form this new partnership with Wood-Mizer who has their British base at Yalding in Kent. They are a multi-national company who sit well with rural activities, especially horse racing which has strong anglo/irish and rural connections. The Wood-Mizer Kent National our premiere National Hunt Meeting is a great event with wide appeal in the right directions”.

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