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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Recession-beating band sawmills at Eurobois, Eurexpo – Lyon, 15th-18th February

Recession-beating band sawmills at Eurobois, Eurexpo – Lyon, 15th-18th February Wood-Mizer France will show the paces of four of its band sawmills sawing timber at Eurobois while two of its larger, diesel powered versions feature as static exhibits.

The six band sawmills, each incorporating the thin kerf technology pioneered by the manufacturer, offer entrepreneurial opportunities in current economic difficulties, claims the company.

The smallest exhibit in action, dubbed the LT10
 is generally an entry-level sawmill for timber processing set-ups amongst farmers, estates and small businesses. During the crisis, several have launched new businesses.

The next size up, the LT15 is demonstrated not only cutting boards but also turning out profiled beams and moulded boards with a moulder/planer attachment called the MP100 (which can also fit on an LT10). Existing owners of these two mills can buy the MP100 head and an additional bed segment as add-ons to diversify into new markets.

The LT20B3 demonstrated is suited to the credit crunch by enabling operators to promote themselves to a ‘chunkier mill without paying for the larger semi-professional machines.

The original, electric version of the LT20 also demonstrates how this small-to-medium band sawmill can tackle more demanding sawing tasks without undue extra cost. Logs on the version sawing at Eurobois are manually handled but it can also be hydraulically assisted. Diesel and petrol versions are available.

A diesel powered LT40 on show is the most widely used ‘workhorse’ band sawmill amongst individual entrepreneurs and privately owned business where income derives from sawing. An LT70 shown aims to meet the needs of a modern log processing plant, with a durable head, 600mm pulley wheels and roller double block guides.

Finally, Wood-Mizer France –– now a wholly owned branch run by Laurence Serrurier –– also demonstrates its band blade maintenance package. However, its service resharpening the band blades which Wood-Mizer itself manufactures is widely used.

This year, Eurobois, at the Eurexpo facility at Lyon in the Rhône-Alpes, France comes at a time when the timber trade is changing, according to the organisers. Apparently, there is a growth in demand and a keen interest in wood products, despite recession.

Amongst the themes at the fair are: environmental procedures, buildings' energy & acoustic performance, wood energy and forestry & primary processing.

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