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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Xylexpo bosses say they are helping wood industry recovery ...while Wood-Mizer makes its preparations

Xylexpo bosses say they are helping wood industry recovery ...while Wood-Mizer makes its preparations The press office at Xylexpo, Italy's big, biennial wood processing fair, reports that exhibitors' stand reservations are encouraging. The report reflects the opinion that such healthy bookings are also encouraging for the wood industry itself.

The world credit crunch and various countries' recessions apparently haven't deterred 550 companies such as Wood-Mizer from planned presence at the international show. Of this 22nd anniversary of the woodworking technology and furniture manufacturing equipment fair covering 41,000 square meters, the organisers claim they have reached their target! They regard this as "…striking" in view of postponement or even cancellation of some other, comparable trade fairs.

They say that the bookings "…confirm Xylexpo's role as an unmissable, international event where technology, equipment and accessories from every corner of the globe offer visitors solutions to commercial needs and ambitions." Exhibitors can rely on pre-Xylexpo PR, advertising and other promotions aimed at potential visitors. More than usual the organisers –– no doubt galvanised by the economic crisis –– are investing considerable resources and energies in promoting the exhibition worldwide. Targeting individuals plus undecided visitors takes a serious share of such marketing.

To date, Xylexpo has been the subject of presentations to 60,000 international contacts as well as another 35,000 in Italy. These pre-show occasions are supported by Ice and by Italy's Ministry for the Development of Production Systems and will prove to be vital elements in the organisation of this major international event. For example, 60 European and 40 intercontinental journalists are invited to Xylexpo.

According to Sig'ra Pierina D'Amico of Wood-Mizer Italia which manages the company's stand:

"At the last Xylexpo in 2008 we sold a small log processing (SLP) line off the stand to a Croatian and several small mills right afterwards to Italians who had watched our demonstrations.

"Also we fielded a lot of international enquiries on the stand.

"We find the majority of Xylexpo visitors are interested in new wood processing technologies at", concludes Sig'ra D'Amico.

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