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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

India's burgeoning economy to support greater Wood-Mizer presence

India's burgeoning economy to support greater Wood-Mizer presence Wood-Mizer's solutions for productive and profitable sawmilling will be demonstrated in association with local representative HBR Consultants, at India's big timber fair, IndiaWood in March.

The Wood-Mizer European facility which has supplied many band sawmills to India in the past six years has monitored dramatic growth in the sub continent. Despite the worldwide economic downturn and the absence of the monsoon, crucial to the harvest, the economy grew 6,1 per cent in the last quarter of 2009 to a GDP of $1 2009 trillion! Goldman Sachs predicts that in the years up to 2020 India's GDP per capita in US$ terms will quadruple and its economy will surpass the United States by the year 2043.

"Now is the time to increase investment in India and our presence at this important trade fair reflects that", explains Richard Vivers, who heads Wood-Mizer's European operations.

Wood-Mizer's thin kerf narrow band technology which ensures less valuable timber is lost as sawdust, resulting in higher yield of quality cut material from a log, is known and exploited in India. The machines' ease of operation and minimal maintenance, combined with solid construction for accurate performance over a long service life, have proved an attraction.

Three machines are demonstrated at IndiaWood: the LT70 and LT20B sawmills and the SHR (single head resaw).

The LT70, the largest in the 'orange' range of sawmills, is designed to meet the needs of modern log processing operations which are increasing in India. The head features 600mm diameter belted wheels and roller double block guides, and travels along the static bed on a single column mast which ensures easy alignment. Beds in various lengths handle logs from 4.8m to 8.4m and extensions can be added.

As standard the LT70 includes Accuset or PLC setworks which automatically, accurately adjust the machine for pre-programmed board thickness and the LubeMizer automatic lubrication system which keeps blades sap-free. Other options include a debarker and materials handling systems.

The LT20B combines simple installation with modular bed construction. The bed comprises two-metre sections to achieve desired cutting length for short or long logs or even two logs placed end-to-end and cut in one pass. The LT20B retains the proven cutting head used on the LT20, together with all the features needed for accurate, efficient and productive work.

The SHR single head resaw is an affordable resaw offering flexible, high yield sawing over years of intensive use, with a rubber belt conveyor for reliable, accurate cutting. The heavy-duty machine can resaw hardwoods and softwoods into a wide range of products, including fencing, pallet and dimension lumber.

Visitors from India and surrounding countries will be able to discuss individual needs and receive advice on sawmills and specifications to their needs. India has the world's twelfth biggest economy but is fourth largest by purchasing power parity. So Wood-Mizer's attention to the world's biggest democracy's need to harvest some of its 67,71 million hectares of hardwoods (mainly sal and teak) and softwoods makes sense.

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