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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Debut for AWMV industrial sharpener down on the Danube

Debut for AWMV industrial sharpener down on the Danube Top Slovakian and Hungarian sawyers assessed new sawmills and other wood processing kit at Wood-Mizer Danubia, Komarno in April. The company sought their views on the machines prior to their demonstrations at Ligna, in Hannover, in May.

Traditionally, before such major European timber trade fairs new machines are tested in Poland, although pre-fair 'debuts' do take place elsewhere in Europe. This time the AWMV industrial sharpener for band blades was unveiled at the Slovakian event. It was the star of the show. One delegate, Ladislav Vendegh who co-owns joinery firm V-H-C, comments:

"I've managed our joinery business since 1983 but have been involved in blade sharpening since the 1970s and it took just a couple of minutes for me to appreciate that this is very good sharpener." Another sawyer who brought his own blade to the demonstration, sharpened it with the new machine on the spot and promptly placed an order for one. Janusz Ulanek, Wood-Mizer's ReSharp specialist who tested the industrial sharpener at the ReSharp centre in Poland explains its design features.

First: it is fast! Where the traditional BMP-PLCBN semi-industrial sharpener takes six minutes to sharpen a band blade, the new AWMV one does it in from three to 3,5 minutes. A magnet no longer serves as the sensor to stop sharpening. The new machine has setworks into which the number of teeth to be sharpened and reset is entered.

The 203mm CBN disk is wider than the CBM semi-industrial's 127 mm so offers longer (c.5 - 6 000) sharpening cycles.

Of importance to customers is that the function of dealing with the blades' reverse side is now automatic. Until now operators removed swarf from the blade with a smooth, wooden bar. Now swarf is automatically removed from the back of blades during sharpening.

The position of the motor and CBN disk were adjusted by height whereas now the engine is fixed and only the blade position within the clamping operation is height adjusted. Result: 25-75mm blades can now be sharpened. Wood-Mizer sales director Robert Baginski explains:

"If an enterprise has two-to-three band sawmills or a MultiHead saw the industrial sharpener is just what it needs.

"Even so, it is still economically valid in an operation with a single mill operating in two to three shifts", he ad

It seems the AWMV industrial sharpener design which combines high speed with new functions at an affordable price, is perceived as a good deal. Forty per cent of the sawyers invited to Wood-Mizer Danubia's demo' day ordered a new industrial sharpener before the departed.

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