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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Recession-led narrow band sawmill demonstrations at Ligna

With a nod to the worldwide recession, thin kerf technology leader, Wood-Mizer, will demonstrate appropriate adaptations to its range at Ligna. It will also highlight existing mills’ attributes which suddenly look more important. Thin band blades’ ability to turn out an extra board from a log is complemented by technical enhancements that will suit a greater number of pockets. Six ‘orange’ band sawmills are demonstrated:

  • A new, attractively priced LT20B band sawmill that offers economy by extending LT15 capabilities with an adapted LT20 sawing head will be unveiled. Consistent length of cut from modular, optional bed sizes are made possible.
  • The smallest, LT10 mill – on a pallet – permits wood processing at a relatively miniscule cost.
  • The ‘original’ LT15 electric with debarker brings non-industrial level sawing to farmers and estate owners at low cost.
  • The low-priced electric/diesel, hydraulic LT20’s simplicity brings higher productivity to small workshops and start-ups.
  • The widely used, ‘work-horse’ LT40 mobilecontinues to deliver, economically, high grade lumber to entrepreneurs and private businesses.
  • The semi-industrial LT70-Remote mill with an hydraulic log deck and an out-feed roller tablewill demonstrate significant output increases, usually amongst existing Wood-Mizer operators seeking expansion.
  • Three sawmills from the company’s ‘green’ small log processing (SLP) system – still based on the thin blades principle – also show their paces. These three are usually components in a set-up comprising the twin vertical saw (TVS), a TVS log infeed system, a TVS slab cross-transfer conveyor, single vertical saw (SVS) to remove third sides, horizontal resaw (HR) and an edger for edging remaining slabs after resawing. They process small logs at one-third the normal cost.
Finally Wood-Mizer’s own band blades in all specifications are exhibited.

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