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A collection of stories and articles about Wood-Mizer sawmills in use around the world, new business ideas, and available market niches in the wood industry

Wood-Mizer UK follows bumper, biennial timber trade fair with open day sales

Wood-Mizer’s sawmill demonstrations at the Association of Professional Foresters' exhibition, the A.P.F. (UK's biggest timber and forestry trade fair on alternate years) led to 18 sawmill sales off the stand and encouraged the company to hold a 'follow-up' open day. The number of sales from the stand is unprecedented and noteworthy as Britain and Ireland enter recession.

The open day was at its Kent headquarters on 7th November and attended by 50 existing and potential customers, most of whom had visited the A.P.F. stand and wanted more information.

The scale of the trade fair demonstrations and the quickly arranged follow-up initiatives have galvanised the British branch.

A new band sawmill finance has been launched plus a special offer until the end of 2008. The offer involved 0% financing for a 12 months purchase of a small LT15 band sawmill and requires no deposit. On all other models a 20% down payment is required with 2.9% charged over 24 months and this applies to all Wood-Mizer products with the end of the introductory offer.

Irish and British operations will merge, based on the conviction that Ireland can be better served via Kent. Furthermore, a new agent in Ireland will be appointed and the number of British sales agents, who already operate in Wales and Scotland, extended.

Crowds flock to exhibition stand
Wood-Mizer UK's A.P.F. demonstrations were dominated by the narrow band, small log processing system (SLP). The company claims this will increase sustainable timber processing in many parts of the world by economically cutting saleable wood from previously unviable trees.

Wood-Mizer UK originally intended to demonstrate an industrial scale wood processing set-up, centred on its biggest band sawmill of which several operate in Britain and Ireland –– however, recent, increased interest in SLP at a time when costs are rising, British and Irish credit becoming scarce and trade stalling led it to bring on the SLP line.

Also demonstrated was its ‘orange’ range: in the form of both its smallest band saws; new versions of its small-to-medium mills range; adaptations to its mid-range ‘workhorse’ sawmills; and its semi-industrial mill in wireless remote mode.

The stand also featured increasingly used band saw blades which suit common applications and more specialised cutting, resawing and main log breakdown. Tailored lengths are available. Greater use of its mills plus blade purchase by non-Wood-Mizer operators, led to laying down of further blade production lines at its European plant recently.

Wood-Mizer’s resharpening service was demonstrated, reflecting a response to a trend in which sawyers prefer delegating sharpening to specialists in order to concentrate on sawing.

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